Recommended Systems:

These are some basic system specifications that you should be looking to meet if building a system from scratch.  John Kezele can also have one built for you.  E-mail or phone him for more information.

Good system recommendations that work well for X-Plane can also be found at Sharky Extreme here:
Value System
High-End System
Extreme System

If you want the very best, Nvidia has recently released their next generation of hardware that blows everything else out of the water.  Check out this link:
Nvidia System
The new 8800GTX currently outperforms any single, dual, or even quadruple video card combination on the market!

You can ask a system builder to build you something similar or you can buy a pre-built system from someone like Dell or Gateway that matches the performance of these systems.  Of greatest importance is the video card.  See the comments below on video cards.  You should not purchase anything of lower performance than that mentioned.

Basically the higher end systems will offer increased longevity but at increased cost.

If you have an existing system, fear not, it can be upgraded using a higher performance video card or by increasing the system RAM.  We've found that by increasing the RAM to 1GB and by using a high performance video card on an old computer (1.7 GHz CPU in my case), that the system can be made to run well with X-Plane.

Reommended New System Specs:
If you want to do your own research, I recommend these web sites as references:

Recommended Controls

Current CH and Thrustmaster are the controls to have.  Thrustmaster doesn't seem to sell rudder pedals anymore but they work with the CH rudder pedals apparently.

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