World Traffic 3 Update Page

FOR USERS USING X-PLANE 11.5, UNCHECK THE BOX TO USE VULCAN IN X-PLANE IF YOU WANT WORLD TRAFFIC TO WORK.  A NEW VERSION OF WORLD TRAFFIC (version 3.5) SUPPORTING VULCAN WILL BE OUT SHORTLY.  If you want to use the World Traffic 3.2.0 RC4 version that does support Vulcan, get it here from the forums:  World Traffic Forums

MAC Users - Note that the Mac version does not run for many users for often more than about 30 minutes. 
If you find that it crashes, disable sounds from the World Traffic Preferences menu as there appears to be some type of sound conflict with the latest version of X-Plane.  You won't get any sound but at least it will run.


NOTE: If clicking the links below does not work, right-click on the links and select the "Save link as ..." option.

1.  Install World Traffic using the installer or zip files

Installers (Windows Only!):

WT3 Installer
- The full installer for WT 3.1.9
WT3 Updater - Run this to update to WT 3.1.9 only if you already have any previous version of WT3 installed.  See release notes below for changes.

Zip Files for Mac or Linux (or Windows if you're having problems with the Windows installer or updater or bogus complaints from virus scanners):

WT3 Full Package - Read the read_me.txt file for installation instructions.  
WT 3.1.9
WT3 Update - Downlaod this to update to 
WT 3.1.9 if you have any previsou version of WT3 installed.   Read the read_me.txt file for installation instructions.

2.  Install the Aircraft and Flight Schedules

Aircraft and flight schedules (formerly known as have been put together by this awesome group of people.  Get them all here after you have installed WT3:
Aircraft and Flight Schedules


Get the Quick Start guide below which includes setup instructions:  NOTE:  USE NEW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE FOR AIRCRAFT AND FLIGHT SCHEDULES, NOT THE BLUEBELL PLANES SPECIFIED IN THIS MANUAL.  There is no more file as mentioned in the manual.  

Get the World Traffic Technical Manual below:
Technical Manual