World Traffic 3 Bug / Feature Request Reports

Blue - Completed and Checked In
Green - Completed and awaiting deployment

Bug Number Description Type Status Solution Percent Completed Build release in
1 Finish Mac plugin Feature Completed Completed code port 95 3.0.12
2 Finish linux plugin Feature Completed Completed code port 50 3.0.12
3 Some airports are not getting ground routes generated and there only seems to be a fixed number of times ground routes can be generated before you can't generate any more. Bug Fixed The auto-gen function seems to only generate ground routes a few times before refusing to do anymore.  Was not resetting a read counter, AptDatTWLineIndex, to zero before reading the aprt.dat files and this only increments to a number that should not exceed the size of the apt.dat file. 100 3.0.4
4 GA planes are often flying missed approaches at some airport even though arrival ground routes seem to be defined. Bug Reported 0
5 The mouse wheel isn't recognized by X-Plane after the key command menu is opened - appears that it is eating mouse commands even when closed. Bug Fixed For some reason mouse wheel function doesn't appear to get removed when the key command menu gets killed.  Other mouse functions work ok, just not that one.  Changed the mouse wheel callback to never consume mouse wheel commands as the menu doesn't use them anyway. 0 3.0.5
6 GA planes not landing for user-defined flight plans at some airports Bug Reported Need details, like what airport. 0
7 Finish Pilot2ATC interface Feature Idle 65
8 Allow radar window to be moved to 2nd monitor... not sure why it doesn't work Feature Reported 0
9 After generating ground routes a few time from parking assignments editor, it will report that there is no taxi network or ground routes. Bug Verifying Related to bug #3 100 3.0.4
10 Add connecting region field to parking defs... don't have to add supporting code yet, only if there's time, or maybe just make it an option international/domestic/both Feature Reported 0
11 Fix traffic collision problems on runways and separation issues. Bug Reported 0
12 Planes on missed approaches won't return if no available arrival slot can be found. Bug Reported
13 Stutter with a lot of traffic on some user's machines Bug Fixed Optimized code to get rid of problem. 100 3.1.0
14 After a while at some airports, a no ground routes found message is coming up even though there seems to be gates available Bug Reported 0
15 Add a Go To Parking Spot button on Parking Assignments menu so track cam moves to specified gate so user can see what plane is parked there. Feature Reported 0
16 The setting for aircraft type in the apt.dat file was overwriting the value set in the parking assignments window. Bug Fixed Don't read 1300/1301 codes from apt.dat file when re-generating ground routes, just read the taxi network. 100 3.0.5
17 Increased size allowed for ground route names as some names were being truncated. Bug Fixed Increased max size to 100 characters for ground route names. 100 3.0.5
18 At some airports, ground route generator gets stuck in loop generating ground routes Bug Fixed Was constantly trying to regen ground routes if they could not be created the first time. 100 3.1.7
19 Some users having trouble generating flights even at bigger airports even though not running in eval mode Bug Reported File parsing line limiti was increased... parking defs were not found at end of lange files. 100 3.1.0
20 Sometimes there are several planes parked in a clump on the start of the runway. Bug Reported Planes not hidden when set in undefined location for airports outside of visual range of user 100 3.0.8
21 Allow airport ICAO names to be entered in lower case in Flight Setup window like on other windows Bug Fixed Missed settingg ICAO name to upper in this window... added 100 3.0.5
22 Add message when generating ground routes if Parking Def records are invalid, ie misc instead of gate or tie-down. Feature Added If num of parking defs == num misc defs, print a message saying all will be converted to tie-downs if they generate, otherwise the user can hit the continue key to not generate ground routes. 100 3.0.5
23 Add some type of optional visual instruction for taxi instructions like the poles currently displayed when testing ground routes. Feature
24 Add sliders to set how many GA/Military flights to add at arr/dep airports.... value will be overridden by what's entered in the airport operations file. Feature Implemented 100 3.0.5
25 Don't save parkingDef records if ground routes could not be created. Feature
26 Have ATC look at planes baro alt, not true alt when giving altitude instructions. Bug Reported
27 GA plane at KVNY not landing on 34L... lands way to the left! Bug Fixed Fixed approach waypoint code for GA planes 100 3.0.5
28 Lower takeoff distance requirements slightly as ground routes were not being found sometimes for planes that were borderline on taekeoff diistance like B738s at CYQR Feature Added Lower takeoff distance requirement by 10% since T/O distance is that to clear 50' obstacle. 100 3.0.5
29 Ground routes were not being generated sometimes for airports when switching to a new airport and then opening the Flight Setup window Bug Fixed Make sure to reload airport data for the current airport when switching locations. 100 3.0.5
30 Add a hot key for flight setup window Feature Added Added 100 3.0.10
31 More fixes for GA airports to generate lots of GA flights using sliders if no scheduled airline flights are created. Bug Fixed Was using total flights and multiplying by expected percentage of GA flights but this number was 0 for airports with no real flight or open flight data. 100 3.0.6
32 Ground routes not created if parking spot name had a colon in the name. Bug Fixed Replace more reserved characters with undesscores since parking spot names are used in filenames. 100 3.0.6
33 Place aircraft of SIDs on resynch if they are early in the departure phase. Feature Added Implemented 100 3.0.6
34 Parking Assignments Status in Key command menu Feature Partially Complete Need to allow camera to go to parking def when user hits enter on line 80 3.0.6
35 Some commerical aircraft add-ons seem to be ignored by WT AI planes. Bug Fixed X-Plane aircraft report altitude on ground at around 0 meters.  Some of these commercial planes give reported altitudes on the ground of around 0.5 meters so say any plane now less that 1m above the ground is on the ground. 100 3.0.9
36 Some small GA airports don't get any generated GA flights no matter what GA slider is set to Bug Fixed WT wanted  to give real small airports zero flights and type percentages were set to zero and when multiplying by number of flights, result was still zero.  Make sure type percentages are set even if WT expects no flights to be generated in case slider value overrides WT calculation. 100 3.0.9
37 Mismatch between Flight Info for Airport row data and detailed data for auto-generated flights Bug Fixed Index off by 1. 100 3.0.9/ 3.0.10
38 Some airports not getting planes parked for the whole airport Bug Fixed Removed hard limit for number of ground routes that can be loaded for an airport. 100 3.0.11
39 Fix approaches for smaller planes as they were not following turn circle and instead approaching the airport at an angle. Bug Fixed Fixed 100 3.0.12
40 Improve aircraft touchdowns in regrards to smoothness and touchdown points for flat and sloped runways. Bug Fixed Fixed 100 3.0.13
41 Shorten required runway lengths for generating ground routes by a few hundred meters for all aircraft types. Feature Added Fixed 100 3.0.13
42 Check alternate operator when trying to find arrival ground routes. Bug Fixed Fixed 100 3.0.13
43 Add back in terrain avoidance checks on final approach but allow lower clearance altitude. Feature Added Fixed 100 3.0.13
44 Display errors and warnings after flights are created so user knows what settings they may have set incorrectly or if they're missing planes or if running in eval mode. Feature Added Added 100 3.1.0
45 View the gate in track camera view when the user hits the ENTER key on one of the gates in the "Display Parking Assignments" menu option under the key command menu. Feature Added Added 100 3.1.0
46 Add workaround to deal with issues with XP11 betas where frame rates would drop if you tried to enable plugin control of AI aircraft for TCAS functionality Bug Fixed Added workaround until LR fixes XP 100 3.1.2
47 Don't load approaches for non-specific runways like at KLGA Feature Added Don't select approaches if there are others with all identical waypoints indicating a non-specific approach 100 3.1.0
48 Fixed auto approaches for planes not heading to runway after completing a STAR so they fly out a few miles before heading into land instead of diving immediately towards the runways like what was happening at KLAS. Bug Fixed Fixed 100 3.1.0
49 Make planes brake harder on landing if their exit off the runway is close and normal braking will result in an overshoot of the exit Bug Fixed Fixed 100 3.1.0
50 Using AFRE_Real_Flight region now enables all planes to be parked with certainty at their correct airports meaning you should see the planes you expect at an airport based on the AFRE real-world schedules.  Since all AFRE flights have an aircraft tail number, the plane will land, park at a gate and the next departing flight with that same tail number will leave from the same gate. Feature Added Added 3.1.0
51 In the Flight Information for Airport window, flights with the same tail number will be hilighted in the oppposite column so you can which arrival flight corresponds to the departing flight. Feature Added Added 3.1.0
52 Commandeer an AI flight.  Added a new key called "Designate" which allows the user to take control of an AI flight.  Flight info will be copied into the user's flight information in the Flight Setup window. Feature Added Added 3.1.0
53 No runway selected for departure if all are too short.    Bug Fixed Changed the departure ground route selection algorithm to pick the longest runway if it can't find any long enough for airports like at EGLC. 3.1.3
54 Fix bug where ATC sometimes gives wrong taxi instructions Bug Fixed Wasn't checking for which side of the runway was active. 3.1.4
55 Fixes problems where sometimes planes would not show up after resynch when switching airports. Bug Fixed Fixed 3.1.4
56 Added Preference to disable window showing flight creation and warning info. Feature Added Added 3.1.4
57 Added About menu. Feature Added Added 3.14
58 Leave aircraft nav and logo lights on longer after parking (45 min instead of 15 min). Feature Added Added 3.1.4
59 Changed resynch key to work the same as "Create Flights" button on the Flight Setup window. Feature Added The resynch key was designed to be only used after flights were created and to work faster not having to do as much initialization but many people don't want to open that window so it uses the last-entered data in the Flight Setup window and does a full initialization now. 3.1.4
60 Planes for auto-generated flights should shut down engines immediately after resynch Bug Fixed Fixed 3.1.5
61 Priority to select ground routes based on match on both operator and type broken in latest build Bug Fixed Ground routes matching op and type should be selected before those just matching on type. 3.1.5
62 User plane not appearing on radar sometimes Bug Reported 3.1.7
63 Color code user aircraft file in Flight Information for Airport window and radar display Feature Added 3.1.5
64 Add registration window Feature Added 3.1.5
65 Display warning when creating flights if Navigraph data is not present Feature Added 3.1.5
66 Fixed crashing issue if no Navigraph data was installed Bug Fixed 3.1.5